Saturday, November 17, 2012

A weekend change of pace for brekky. Crepes, snags, strawberries maple syrup.

Couple of local stories regionally speaking.

First one is local, not a big bust as drug busts go but not bad for a town of 1300 removed from any roads and by the way it is going removed from any marine access, but I digress. The other regional and in keeping with how things seem to be spiraling out of control for the once proud mounted Mountie. They are after all only human.

Back to the drug bust, anyone with a functioning brain should be aware that drugs are an issue in this town. How large an issue is not known to me, but I an sure it is known to others, and they apparently are not saying.

The drugs in this bust were packaged ready for re sale, if the authorities got a whiff that the drugs were coming in then does it not stand to reason that it may be known who shipped them?

The alleged perk is just a little cog in the big wheel, which makes me wonder why no discussion is taking place in the province, and indeed the county, along the lines that is taking place in other jurisdictions, namely several states in the US of A at the moment.

I am not a user of any drugs, leaving aside the odd Advil, but there may come a time when medicinal marihuana could be a choice in treating some illness that may come my way. I sure would like to have that option rather than having some of the drugs within the status quo medical profession fostered on me.

We I had a break from cooking last evening and had a nice meal and wine at the Atsanik, only gone just over two hours and when we came home Siutik was all sooky and all over me as if we had been gone six weeks.

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