Friday, November 23, 2012

Its harp harp harp on marine shipping time again.

Every year this happens, and every year there is more and more reason to harp as every year the service deteriorates.

This year we have the Nunatsiavut government harping (an anomaly of sorts) the concerns that the people on the coast have about receiving the winters freight.

We also have the MHA for the region using social media very well  and speaking to the house and to the minister about the same concerns, plus claiming (I have no reason to doubt the claim) that there is a back log of freight in both Lewisport and Goose Bay.

Then we have silence from the government of the province but doubling troubling is the total silence from the minister responsible for this file. Also troubling is that CIA- Nunatsiavut (the contracted operators of the one vessel left) is saying that there is no backlog.
If it can be proved that there is a backlog then CAI-N should be given a big kick up the arse, they are after all majority owned by the people of the Torngats, rather than a bunch of pencil pushing know bugger all civil servants..

It just highlights the contempt these Island centric politicians have for the people of the Torngats in particular and for Labrador in general.

That folks is my harp harp harp for the day………………… but maybe not seeing as the day has barely begun.


Darren Robertson said...

That sort of sounds odd there would be no backlog of freight when you drop to just one ship operating. It also gives pause to the idea of anyone ever operating a separate maritime shipping company there. Who wants to try to compete with a government held company with no apparent accountability if there is a backlog. There are a number of nice 1999-2006 Ice classed Ro-ro/Lo-lo heavy lift cargo ships on the market now. Freight and Automotive only, no passenger. But who in their right mind would go on the hook for the 2-3 million to acquire one, staff it and license it in the face of a competitor with no motivation to lower costs, because the government holds a major share?

Brian said...

I think what is going on here is that CAI do not accept a lot of the freight until the boat is almost back at port, hence the back log is still in the wholesaler warehouses. Time will tell.

As to the vessels,it is what it is, a bloody mess.