Tuesday, December 04, 2012

With all the travails of our MP in Ottawa the Penashue name is taking one hell of a beating in the countries media.

But in our mind the Penashue name rates up there with Gandhi, Tutu and Mandela and the like. And it has nothing to do with her son, it has everything to do with the courage and inner strength of Elizabeth Penashue and her husband and her followers and supporters.  

Nice clear crisp morning, down to -18 at the house. Some weather on way, pretty pink ski all across the east as the sun rose.

Mean time on the water things are confused, at least in the mind of who ever updates the Astron update. Earlier had her getting into Postville today than changed to read

MV Astron (Freighter)
Tuesday, Dec. 4th - Correction
ETA Black Tickle 7:00 pm  Whose on first I wonder?

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