Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Another no plane day yesterday, grey flat with light snow all day.

The mv Astron made it into Makkovik last evening. An earlier arrival there was a tug and barge en rout Hopedale to the Island, she had over a foot of ice on her starboard side. So the weather is not ideal still.

One has to speculate if the captain and crew are all that happy about being out in these conditions with a heavily loaded small container ship.

Update: This morning CAI-N has the Astron anchored off Postville awaiting conditions to improve to dock and discharge. Which is at odds with the previous announcement that Nain was next port of call after Makkovik. I will leave it to greater minds than mine to figure it all out.

On regional front; the mariner restaurant adjacent to Hotel North is on fire. According to person on the ground and a guest of hotel the fire started in a back kitchen where deep fryers are located. 

The mariner is a popular eating place for many people from the coast.

According to Facebook there is no truth to the rumor that the end of the world starts at the Mariner Restaurant.  If they have had said with north coast freight service then maybe.

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Darren Robertson said...

Could this be? It looks like your favourite ship is for sale Brian.