Monday, December 10, 2012

Nice covering of fresh snow out, wind is up so how much will be there at end of day I wonder.

The annual seniors Christmas party put on jointly by the recreation department of NICG and the staff at Labrador Grenfell health facility was yesterday. I did not get to attend but Fran did. Good turn out I am told, santa was handing out large bags of gifts to all that attended and those that did not.  Contents of one bag are pictured.

Big thank you to all those that work so hard in organizing all the little gifts and those that help out on the day.

In a way there would have been many mixed emotions yesterday. The Nain Huskies won the schools provincial volley ball tournament, the Makkovik girls won their provincial tournament as well. Unfortunately weather prevented them from getting home yesterday.

The flip side is along with a couple of regular attendee seniors who are out in hospital receiving treatment a long time fisher and hunter of the old school passed away this weekend.

The ways of relying on the land for subsistence is sure passing by quickly (some might say gone for good), one does not realize how quickly until someone leaves for whatever awaits them in the ever-after.  

Meanwhile out on the water: The mv Astron  left Lewisport in another attempt to deliver freight to the coast. She left Saturday with an ETA Makkovik 6am today.

Not so fast says the sea spirits, this is the north Atlantic in December. So the Astron is storm bound in Cartwright. 

Must be very stressful for people who have freight on the boat and still at the dock awaiting shipment. Most of the world has moved on and joined the 21st century. We here on the Labrador coast are regressing (thanks to the provincial government) at a fast pace back to the 1970s or earlier.

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