Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Beautiful out there this morning, calm, -10 ish, sun behind the mountains.

 Ice is forming nicely in the harbor. Ice is soon to be disturbed by the mv Aston who is due in at 4 pm.
It is a catch 22 situation, better to let nature take its course with ice freezing (there are many reasons why), or better to have two trailer loads of  firewood delivered to the community for elders.

There are those who will side with acquiescence, and those who would say all this could have been avoided with planing and priorities earlier in the shipping season.

Later in the day: Well the arrival of the mv Astron could be best described as *In and out like a honey moon dick*.

She was in and gone by 1:15pm. And any acquiescencers got a kick in the teeth, only a quarter of the expected 75 cords of wood arrived. No room was the reason.

Figure out that cost per cord of wood, trucked to Cartwright, ship diverted to bring wood all way up the Labrador coast in December to drop off 20 cord of wood.


Anonymous said...

why even truck the firewood to Cartwright, the millions of cords of wood in the Sandwich Bay area has been already classed as "old growth", pretty much only fit for firewood, why not just cut it here for north ???

Brian said...
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Brian said...

Your guess Anon as to why not would be as good as mine.
This wood, full of dirt and grit as it is, was cut from some development or other, could be MF but by look of it something older.