Friday, December 21, 2012

The harbor ice looked beautiful yesterday evening, all sorts of pinky blue hues reflecting along with the white capped mountains.
There have been folks out walking on it, always someone has to be the first.

The warm front we have in forecast wont help in strengthening the ice.

The H of A is still sitting this morning, the filibusterer continues, it is revealing the stark truth about who is going to be paying for this Muskrat Falls folly in black and white. It will be the ordinary folk of the province who will bear the brunt, with no possible recourse or review of rates for the life of the pay back.

As Pat Martin said; rat faced whores indeed.

The NL Hydro's appeal for conservation did not go over that well with folks in town. Rat faced whore would count as a polite response to NL Hydro compared to other comments on social media.

Made up some light wholewheat bread and some brushetta baguettes yesterday. Then had a hankering for something different,  Italian meat balls halved, tomato on one side of baguette, feta cheese and wilted spinach on the other side, marry them together, presto something different.

Would make a nice luncheon addition to the dinning room at the Atsanik Lodge.

Days will only get longer now.

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Rick Monaghan said...

Lovely images!