Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Last week my sister down under made a Rotweinkuchen cake and posted results on Facebook.

The motivation to make the cake stemmed from the fact they have a visitor from Germany staying with them, and the visitors mom sent my sister the recipe.

So that motivated me to give this wine chocolate cake a goo as well. I did up a collage of some of the steps and the ingredients, as that's what some people do on food blogs. The only variation from the recipe is I added a handful of white chocolate along with the chopped dark chocolate at the final mixing stage.

The result, not too shabby, nice and moist inside with a deep chocolate flavor, the wine is evident as well. Best to keep an eye on the baking time as if in oven too long it could come out overly dry.

Meanwhile out on the water: The mv Astron still has not made it past Cartwright.  Still storm bound and will be for the day at least.

Planes got on the go late yesterday, weather in other communities south of Natuashish held things up, then it was like LAX @YDP in the afternoon.


Mechtild Opel said...

Although I am from Germany, I have never heard about Rotweinkuchen.
In the famous fairy tale Rotk├Ąppchen the grandmother should get cake and wine, but separate. ;)
Would be curious about the recipe.

Greeting from Berlin to Nain!
(we have also snow here, currently, since some days, and rather unusual for this time of the year.)

Brian said...

The people live in the Freiburg area of Germany.
When one googles the name many recipes come up in German.

Mechtild Opel said...

Thanks! I'll try it out for sure at the weekend.

Pamela Williams said...

our Freiburg cousin told me to put aluminium foil (or you could use baking paper) over the cake near the end of baking, with say 15 mins to go - for about 10 mins, so it doesn't burn, then remove the foil/paper for the last five minutes.

Tina's mum uses the chocolate sprinkles you use as a cake topping, about 150g, that way the choc is distributed right through the cake.

We also made a nice red wine glaze (icing), using 100g pure icing sugar with about 30ml of red wine. Blend with a whisk and pour over the cake and leave to set, then sprinkle with more sifted icing sugar.

I like your variation too!

Pamela Williams said...

2nd hint: Tina says to use powdered drinking chocolate instead of cooking cocoa