Sunday, December 16, 2012

Well that was an anti climatic evening and morning to say the least.

Needs an explanation I know: First off there was a snow and blowing snow warning issued for our area for lat yesterday and overnight. Most were looking forward to the snow, not so much the accompanying wind, but ya take what is given. Bugger me when I arise not a flake of snow has fallen and the winds are quite mild. So much for that.

The second anti climax: Late yesterday afternoon a local Facebooker, who is not even in town, posted from a friends Facebook a power outage warning for Nain.

Nice of them to do this as as usual the powers that be at NLHydro neglected to give an official heads up (in keeping with the vagaries and uniqueness of the geographic area) of the pending outage.

Any way all sorts of chatter and concerns posted on these posts as the outage was first going to be from midnight to eight in the morning.
This was later refined to only some areas of town at a time, rolling outages, but the impression was that most would be without power for an extended amount of unknown time. Plus there was a scheduled teacher Xmas party at the hotel.

Thankfully the temps had risen to minus single digits and the outages were not extreme, at least on our street, I think they may have been longer in certain other parts of town.

So no blame on the messenger; more like thanks is needed.  But it highlights what I and others suspect, the equipment in the hydro plant is not sufficient to meet the present needs of the community let alone the future needs as the town grows.
CKOK had a late update on their web site, thanks to them but not that much use as they are not on air Saturdays and I doubt many would check out the web site

In the coming years several large buildings are planed plus the usual housing builds each year.

On the brighter side we had a nice juicy healthy burger n chips to celebrate the impending doom that did not materialize.

On a bed of lettuce and tomato I placed a burger topped with fried onions, melted cheese (old white cheddar) and an egg. Yum yum pigs bum.

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