Monday, December 03, 2012

After successfully warding off colds and flues for a couple of years I have been struck down with a bad oh cold since Thursday. I have had worse colds, this one is hanging around in the head, just when you think it has cleared the stuffiness re appears. It is less a pain in the arse than a pain in the head.

So to brighten my day and tingle my taste buds I experimented yesterday. Beer braised cabbage, two roasted spuds, slow roasted port loin with mushroom-sherry-cream reduction, more commonly known as sauce.

I rather like the sherry thing, on the other hand Fran made no comment.

Meanwhile out on the water the Astron is painstakingly making crawling its way down the coast unloading freight as she goes, when weather permits.

What with weather and slowness of unloading it took three days to get into and out of Hopedale over the weekend. 

Now this morning she anchored off Hopedale due to high winds and heavy seas. 
Not sure about the winds, they have subsided, the seas could be on, just goes to show the inadequacy of the boat for the job at hand.


Barry said...

Labrador Sea. December. Freezing spray. Very dangerous for a container ship. Can capsize ships. Ice build up on one side or the other.
WST will never learn.

Darren Robertson said...

It is sort of hard to think a ship would ply Arctic waters in December without trim ballast tanks and load and trim software that compensate for such life imperilling things.