Thursday, December 20, 2012

Foggy out there this marnin. Foggy in here too, out of sorts what with these private notifications of power outages that dont happen, not on our street but seems they did happen in other areas of town.

Now if NL Hydro could just treat the people on the Labrador coast with a little dignity and respect then maybe some of the that respect would be reciprocated.

Until then; your a bunch of arse holes NL Hydro

Strange how  prophetic the above and other recent post turned out. After listening to little miss know nothing from Hydro on CKOK one would think that everything was under control. 

The underground drums were saying a different story. Then a day after little miss know nothing Hydro comes out with all sorts of public announcements in form of press releases and twitter the whole shebang.

!/2 - As a precaution, customers in Nain asked to conserve electricity while the diesel plant requires repair on 1 of 3 generating units.
2/2 - For more info for customers in Nain, view

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