Friday, December 07, 2012

Oh looky looky, wind warnings right along the east coast.

Well by crikey that will play havoc with old ships with containers on deck exposed to freezing spray and all.
The mv Astron did a fast turn around at Lewisport and departed for Makkovik with ETA Dec 8.

All to no avail as she has promptly done another fast turn around and headed back to port. 
MV Astron (Freighter)
Thursday, December 6th
Returned to Lewisporte due to high winds & swells.  Departure time to be advised.
Next port(s) of call:  Makkovik, Nain, Natuashish, Hopedale Postville and Rigolet.
Not like it has not happened before, not like the folks who run this shamozzel of a shipping outfit (the Government) have not had years of experience. 

Yet with only one boat (outdated) for most of the shipping season the government has done dick all nothing to improve the the situation. With another load after this one who knows what is in store. Mitigation and due diligence indeed.
On the power outage pole down situation: The Hydro line crew were quick in isolating the downed pole and getting power back to a large part of Middle Path Rd. The business sector was all back up mid afternoon. Not sure about the area on the down side, hope it was not too long.

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