Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Here is me at my diplomatic best, an e mail to NL Hydro Customer service. 

What prompted this diplomacy one may ask, well the news that there is another power outage scheduled tomorrow morning, 5 to 7, of course it is not up on the NL Hydro outage web page as yet. Another reason is that I was bugged by a comment one of the Hydro mechanics said to a hotel employee prior to them leaving Tuesday morning, *better get a big load of wood in for over Christmas*.

This is just the first contact, best to go through the rungs before getting to the top I have learnt, just hope it is not too late. 

 Hi there,

Id Like to know what type of tin pot organization you guys are running. Nain had a not 10 year old plant almost burnt down due to lack of due diligence.
Then you put multi millions of dollars into the damaged plant with a new gen set plus all the repairs.

Now we are back to a situation we had going back 15 years before the new plant was built up on the hill.

One operational unit, one barely operational unit and one unit out of service.  Rumor is that an emergency unit is being brought in, is that true?

Whatever is true one thing is for sure, the management and overseeing of the plant in Nain needs an urgent review. How can new units and units with recent repairs and upgrades be in such bad shape.

Brian Willimas
Nain NL

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Noah said...

Right on Brian! It's time some one put them in their place. It reminds of a phrase; paying the bank robbers to guard the bank.