Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nice sunny day for the most part yesterday. Air traffic not as busy below 3 thousand feet but above 25 thousand was real busy with contrails crisscrossing the sky above Nain from east and north east.

Meanwhile on the water: No better mind has come forth with an explanation on the workings of coastal shipping. Some more to explain; the schedual ealier in the week clearly stated that after off loading in Makkovik the Astron would head for Nain then do ports south.

As mentioned yesterday she headed into Postville after Makkovik, and now this morning she has an ETA Hopedale of 5:30.  I Quote;
*ETA Hopedale 05:30 am (weather permitting)*
*Next port(s) of call: Hopedale, Natuashish, Nain*
I only mention this because this type of irresponsible behavior puts everybody who is expecting freight out on a limb and tensions are high not knowing WTF is going on.
And an update from the off load in Makkovik, and I quote;   *Back to the ‘70’s. Astron took the fork lift on the ship as she is not retuning here. 1000’s of cases of items to be unloaded from sea can’s by hand.
Onto the trucks and off again*.
Both human and freight left at risk with these below freezing temperatures. 

And to top it off I was sent this link, not sure of the date but interesting to say least. That picture of the Astron looks like it was taken in south side of St. Johns harbor.

I guess it is done to keep everybody on their toes, latest from confusion are us- 

Thursday, Dec. 13th
Discharged at Hopedale @ 03:00 am
ETA Nain 1:30 pm
Next port(s) of call: Nain, Natuashish, Rigolet, Black Tickle and Lewisporte


Darren Robertson said...

Good Morning!

On yet another gem of discovery, it seems old MV Astron has an asking price of a cool $2 million USD. Which I will tell you is extremely high. Old 1970's vintage ships like her routinely sell(err...rather languish for ages and sometimes sell for prices south of $500,000) Here is the link:$648$7$2$30

I do applaud CAI for at least realizing they must pay off the MV Astron while they still can. And get some modicum of cash to bankroll a newer ship. Since the MV Astron's prime role is freight lugger, I do hope CAI considers a newer (think 2000'ish) Ro-Ro / Lo-Lo ship with Reefer plugs. If they are to truly serve what markets the Labrador Coast demands, this design is the only type that will maximize revenue streams and vastly improve overall service and cost. I would be more then happy to discuss why with them and help guide them to prospects they can vet themselves. For the vast some of free.

Brian said...

FYI Darren, CAI-N does not own Astron, she is owned by Woodward group.
Which all adds to the confusion of shipping this way.