Sunday, December 09, 2012

Had a hankering for corn bread yesterday. Not sure why, have not had it for awhile, or maybe because of the new De Buyer fry pan (this one is a 10 inch job).

Any way this recipe is a southern baked corn bread in skillet. Not bad for change of pace, bit crumbly but that is OK, I can use it in the chicken stuffing today.

The Nain Huskies volley ball team won the schools provincial tournament yesterday. great job, teams form the coast have been doing very well in Volleyball this year.

There was a comment on an older post that I thought I would bring forward to respond to:
 Christopher Brennen
Any update on the restoration of local CBC to the cable providers? I know that Eastlink here in Postville still haven't added it back in. What's the situation in Nain? 

For what it is worth the cable companies never had any intention of supplying the regional CBC feed to their small community customers once they lost the free to air pick up off CBC sites.

Despite some empty rhetoric from cable providers, and others who should have done their due diligence before speaking, it would cost thousands of dollars for each community to provide the digital equipment needed.

I am not defending the CBC actions on shutting down all the small community transmitter sites, nor the cable providers, just telling it how it is.

So the answer to you question would be, no, Nain does not have the local CBC feed either.

I am not sure how things will play out in the future, Shaw satellite has been directed by the CRTC to carry some sort of regional CBC feed come January. Trouble for East Link customers is they are affiliated with Rogers not Shaw.

If East link had a deal with Shaw they could do the small communities at a cheaper cost.


by Karl Zuk said...

It is so arrogant for the CBC to just drop providing over-the-air local services without any remorse. I understand that this stems from the Harper government choking off funds to the CBC. To take the attitude that areas with low population density simply don't count and/or do not have the political visibility necessary to be cared for is insulting. All the analog transmission gear should have remained in place or been replaced with modern digital gear. In serving Canada with Canadian tax dollars, this should not have been an option. It is an obligation. This also goes for any 'cable' companies that do business in places like Nain. CBC Labrador and CBC North should be 'must carry' services. Without local CBC over-the-air service, small communities must rely on difficult personal satellite reception, with very low 'look angles,' to eek in any TV signals at all. Each and every home would need their own Shaw or Bell installation. A very practical goal in Nain! Where does PeePee and the rest stand on all this? As we say in New Yawk "Hey, gimme a break!" Karl Zuk Katonah, NY USA

Brian said...

Very well put Karl, couldna said it better myself.

All the poli s and any players who could have put up a fuss were asleep at the wheel on this.
It was common knowledge what was going to happen for a couple of years before all the equipment was pulled, only minor peeps from a very few.

As to Pee Pee, well he is where he is at, total silence on any issue that impacts the people of his ridding. Quite shameful realy, he sure took a lot of people up here for a ride during the election, I did my little bit to warn people, got attached for it, but at least I can say, I told you so..