Monday, December 17, 2012

Temperature taken a dip again, 5 degrees colder at the house than official of -12 as the sun travels just below the mountains. Very brief exposure to direct sun this time of year.

By the forecast we wont be seeing any snow for this week, bummer eh.

What would another week be without: and out on the water update. mv Astron been anchored out of Black Tickle since Saturday night;
Monday, Dec. 17th
Delayed, anchored at Porcupine Bay.  Unable to dock at Black Tickle due to high winds.  Arrival time to be advised when weather improves.
Arrival times for other ports to be advised.
Next port(s) of call:  Black Tickle, Cartwright, Nain and Lewisporte

Speaking of on the water, after about 10 years of Humming and haring we have a request for proposals out for new ferry. 
 Warning: dont get your knickers in a knot over this, asking private enterprise to submit RFP to build and operate vessel will not work for up this way. Only way to go is for Government to build the vessel and operate it themselves, after all it is our essential highway.

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Darren Robertson said...

Actually I support the province operating the ferry fleet. Though I hope they at least plan to offer up at least the 80 meter Ferry platform for Labrador service. The 42 meter design is a good back up and off-peak option. But is no great load lifter. And is a bit on the slow side(10.5 knot max) as well. Given the long coast, I would think a decent 16 knot speed would be the minimum.