Saturday, December 22, 2012

It was a grand day indeed yesterday. Winter solstice and the sun sure took its time getting up over the mountains. Top photo taken at 8:10 official sunrise.
Then mid morning we took a stroll down to airship to see Carters dad come in and give him some goodies.

By 9:45 the sun was just barely peeking sober the lowest of the hills and reflecting off the ice.

Meantime at the strip busy times, four planes on ground at one time with Carters dads plane expected soon.

Lots of people and freight being moved this time of year, our grandson Brian even had a ski doo come in on one of the planes.

With clear sky, no wind  the snow capped mountains and the clear glassy ice it sure was a picture perfect scene.

Now it is time for snow, not enough to get around town without wearing out the skis and tracks of snowmobiles, not to mention the insulation value. But we dont need the aggro of the storms that seem to hit southern parts with increasing regularity and fearsomeness.

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