Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Spring morning in Labrador.

This scene is becoming the norm in the morn for spring in Nain.Yesterday was snow or flurries all day, one plane got in in the morning but that was it.

I purchased a second ski doo yesterday, that is it hidden under the cover. I have no need of two machines so may put the older up for sale. 

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Much good news on the provincial front with the PUB rejection of the Muskrat Falls proposal in it's present form. Anyone with common sense, an environmental concern, an economic concern for the future and worried about higher electricity bills down the road should be rejoicing. Not over rejoicing, but with egg continuing to build up on the faces of the proponents of this absurd scheme a little jig and a wee dam dram would be in order.

Much bad news on the Nunatsiavut Government front [when will it all end] with one of the candidates for president in a bit of doo doo with the revelation [and confirmed by candidate] that her resignation from her ministers role just recently was not for 'personal reasons' after all.
In keeping with the secrete nature that NG employs I will leave you hanging at that.


Table Mountains said...

Brian that snowmobile must be in bad shape. I notice a Crutch next to it.

Table Mountains said...

or is it just the hitch from the Komotek? : )

Brian said...

Keen eye the TM. It does look like a crutch, but it is the komatik that is in bad shape.