Saturday, April 07, 2012

After much figuring we ended up with just fish cakes for supper.Very good fish cakes made with Purity salt fish and tinned salmon. I used the no egg in mix but on the outside before dipping in the bread crumbs. A messy process but with care works out very well.

Then for my birthday cake I iced one [actually two, one each] of the large hot cross buns and stuck three candles in it. Yellow and gold for OZ sports teams and blue and gold for my beleaguered Parramatta rugby league football team, who are doing about as good as the Maple Leafs and the Canadians.

Carter has been Quite the little show off all weekend going by his mothers photos. Here he is doing 'pretty eyes' in the laundry basket.
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The weather yesterday was anything but predicable. More like predictable in it's unpredictability. Anything from a ceiling of 600 feet to flat down in snow and or wet snow and or sleet.

On our walk we stopped at the airstrip, two planes had come and gone if iffy weather. People were waiting on Air Inuit to come in from George River.Waiting to no avail as it ended up being cancelled.

Later an Air Lab plane got down just before the weather really crapped out.

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