Thursday, April 12, 2012

Federal Government does the dirty on CBC transmitters.

 Had some good value out of one chicken.

Had a roast chicken for Sunday dinner, that only used half of it.

Monday I made up a chicken pot pie, deep one using the last of the Robin Hood Flaky Pastry I had been saving.
That only used up half the pot pie, so had left over chicken pot pie Tuesday, with different selection of vegetables each time of course.

Not shown in the picture below is the crumbled feta cheese on the spinach dish. Had a good deal on 3 kilos of feta, good thing we both like feta.

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We have a clear morning and -15, weather been unsettled all week with good cover of fresh snow, the cooler temps forecast for the next several days will make it easier to travel into the country. People still hoping the caribou come around but more and more looking like a lean year for tuktu.


Sabrina said...

Big title with little meat on the bones;) What did the Feds do this time?? Dinner looks great again, as usual. Say hi to Fran for me!

Brian said...

Ho ho, ya got me. Had visions of a big Harper put down but just ran out enthusiasm for it this morning, had it typed up but just said shag it.
Will do a brief on the CBC cuts that effect the little gouy on the coast late
Foody picture seem to please more anyways, even getting tweeters checking the food porn out.