Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I’m reluctantly in tax filing mode, hard to walk and chew gum when doing these mind numbing forms, and we don’t even get any money back..

But one news story this morning did attract my attention. Remember back in February when NGC announced a 51% buy out of Air Labrador. At the time I expressed quite confidence that the venture would not befall the fate of the NGC venture into marine shipping.Note: comments are closed on that announcement. Not out in the public domain though.

My quite confidence has been some what shattered with the announcement that the first big contract that the new Air Labrador sought went to the other airline in the region Provincial/Innu Mikun

Get this whiny presser: 
April 23, 2012
For Immediate Release

Nunatsiavut Government upset with Aurora Energy
over awarding of fixed-wing air support contract

Nunatsiavut President Jim Lyall and First Minister Darryl Shiwak have written the President of Aurora Energy, Bruce Dumville, to express their disappointment in the company’s decision to award a fixed-wing air support contract for its 2012-13 exploration program to a non-Inuit company.

“NGC Nunatsiavut Inc., the business arm of the Nunatsiavut Government, holds a 51 per cent majority interest in Air Labrador,” notes President Lyall. “As such, we would expect any company wanting to do business in our territory to make every effort to ensure goods and services are purchased from Labrador Inuit businesses.

“The Nunatsiavut Government will not support any company, or outside interest, who want to reap the benefits of our resources while we continue to struggle to address the social and economic needs of our people and our communities,” adds the President. “The development proposed by Aurora is on Labrador Inuit Lands. Given this fact, Inuit need to be assured that there will be tangible and substantial benefits coming our way in exchange for the risks associated with any exploration work or uranium mining in our territory.”

The Nunatsiavut Government, when lifting the moratorium on the mining, milling and production of uranium on Labrador Inuit Lands, had hoped to improve its relationship with Aurora and other mining interests wanting to do work in Nunatsiavut, adds Minister Shiwak.

“However, the decision to award the fixed-wing air support contract to a non-Inuit company is an insult to the Nunatsiavut Government as well as to all Beneficiaries of the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement,” he says. “We certainly hope we can once again find some common ground to advance what has now become a strained relationship between the Nunatsiavut Government and Aurora Energy.”

The President and First Minister have requested a meeting with Mr. Dumville to discuss how Aurora Energy plans “to rectify the distrust” it has created.

Media contact:
Bert Pomeroy
Director of Communications
Nunatsiavut Government
(709) 896-8582
When we attended the official announcement within Nunatsiavut {it was first announced at a trade show in Ottawa] the officials of both NGC and Air Labrador said for the venture to succeed it had to operate on a business basis.

On a business basis you submit a bid on a contract, if one of the criteria in bidding is the low bidder wins then no use using dictatorship rules after the fact.

No surprise that the NG assembly who voted unanimous to lift the exploration ban within Nunatsiavut have egg on their faces. Not the first time, wont be the last, your playing with the big boys now.

Confession time; I am as happy as a pig wallowing in mud. Mining for uranium is a bad idea, especially within Nunatsiavut lands.

Further more and on the hypocritical side. NG has said in the past they can’t interfere with private enterprise when it pertains to retail and wholesalers who are involved with the Nutrition North and Provincial subsidies.
"Oh we can’t help you, the consumers of Nunatsiavut, because we can’t intervene in private enterprise".

But there is no hesitation to throw there political weight around when it comes to a private enterprise that NG has a 51% stake in, no sir ree.

Voters take heed on Tuesday.



Sean Lyall said...

Aurora still has to put a port and/or road through Inuit Lands. Also Powerlines. And formulate an IBA. Could be tough going for Aurora, if ya don't play nice.

Old Brooktrout said...

Ten bucks says Aurora didn`t know the difference between Innu and Inuit. - Old Brooktrout

ViewPoint2010 said...

Completely off topic: I like the new background and Siutik's new pix at the top.

Brian said...

BT: New Oz owners may be in dark, but old players have put oodles into ‘open houses’ with Ipod door prizes and all you can eat and drink [coffee]. Ex LIA negotiator as Inuit liaison should be up to informing them of where they are, or maybe not.

2010, looks not bad, Blogger has many updated options now, too many for this neophyte to try.
Room and menu are ready when you are.
Good to see you back in the saddle, so to speak.

Brian said...

To anonymous who commented on this post. Your comprehension skills are minimum at best.
No I do not have all the facts, but nowhere do I say that Air Lab should have been ‘given’ the contract.
To the contrary I said the bidder with the best price should receive the contract.

Brian said...

Well Anon, if you want to keep digging your hole deeper then I will help back fill it.

I could approve your ramblings so everybody could see what a fool you are making of yourself. But no one knows who your are, so what would be the point.
A have said in the past to all Anon comments, show me a name.

Your first comment on this post started with the words; “Unless you have all the facts you shouldn't make comment”.

You then go on with the argument that Aurora's decision to use PAL was based on best business practices.

You then assert that Air Labs pilots and equipment are not of the same safety standards as PAL.

You then assert that this is the reason Air Lab has not prospered in the competitive environment as PAL has.

That is it, no mention of my not having all the facts from any previous postings that you mention in your second comment at 12:14 today.

99% of approved comments are known to me, either by them putting their name to the comment or letting me know who they are but want it kept confidential.

I get very few argumentative comments with a name, which is why you don’t see any.

The fact that you seem to have an issue of my foreigner ness and being a chef is very troubling.

For one I have never claimed to be a chef. I do like to cook, eat and dabble in photography. And what being a so called foreigner has to do with anything is beyond me. Why this is troubling to you raises concerns for your mental well being.

If you want to foster conversation and debate at the level you have shown so fare go do it some place else.