Thursday, April 26, 2012


Something so simple and plain yet so bloody delicious. Must be my foreigner chefs training.

We had some caribou tongues given us, seems some people don't like the best parts. I have cooked them before but looked up some recipes any way.

Reverted back to the tried and true, keep it simple stupid.

Chuck the tongues into a pot, add good bit of water, salt, pepper, whole cloves and couple bay leaves. Slow boil for 3 hours.

Take tongues out of water and chuck watch the splash into a bowl of cold water. Skin the tongues, slice.
Strain the liquid in the pot, drizzle liquid over tongue and your choice of accompaniment.
Sit back with satisfied look.

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The social media sites of two candidates in NG presidential election have really ramped up again with much hyperbole, facts, fiction, compassion, greed, you name it. There is just no way the candidates can deal with all this so for the most part they just let others have at it.
I can understand why this is happening and for the most part it is a good thing. One wag quipped "why have TV when you have Facebook".
Well for one you would go nuts without self control, but everything in moderation is my motto.

For those wat is interested here are the first two CBC interviews with candidates for NG presidential election. The third candidate will be aired Friday.

Here is the CBC interview with the third candidate for NG president. 


ViewPoint2010 said...

Methinks you "sit back with satisfied look" a lot! :-)

Shammickite said...

I see you have a new picture at the top of the blog.... looks good!
I'm not too sure about eating caribou tongues, in fact I'm not too sure about eating any kind of tongue, but I'll take your word for it that it tastes scrumptious.
Just got back from vacation, flew over N Labrador, lots of mountains, perhaps it was the Torngats, very snowy, bleak, uninviting territory. And lots of pack ice in the ocean. Fantastic sight from the air.

hopewellwoodwork said...

I grew up as a wee lad eating beef tougue. Tender and delicious. Question for ye that hath no feta cheese, where oh where do I find caribou tongue ?

Brian said...

Hope the Hols were enjoyable Shamm, Fran was asking if you were back. The land god gave to Cain has unexpected beauty, Jonathan below can attest to that.

My smart answer to the question Jonathan would be: where the caribou roam.
Many people just leave them in when the head is removed. I got lucky with these from a source that shall remain anonymous.
The scarcity of deer this year would make it difficult me thinks to score any.

I grew up eating all the inner bits of sheep, beef, pigs. Nothing better than sheep's brains fried up in bread crumbs.

Table Mountains said...

Caribou and Moose Tongue are my favorite part of the Animals. Here the successful guy on the permit gets first choice of the Tongue or Heart when we fill the Tags. The Tongue is highly sought after. I remember a family friend showing me at an early age how to cut the Tongue from the Animal so not a bit was wasted.