Friday, April 20, 2012

On seeing this I just had to snag it and post here. In the political environment that Canada finds itself it is becoming increasingly important that people become more cognizant of what is going on, educate yourselves and become involved even in a small way. The political non participation has been highlighted during the latest Election for president for Nunatsiavut. Some people are straight up and admit there ignorance but still want to have a vote. In today's work environment it does take some effort to find the time for many to find the energy in flowing the news and political reports. That said it is hard to make an informed decision without making some sort of effort to educate yourself in the goings on.

One sort of person particularly irks me though, the ones who criticize those who want to have a say about how they feel of politics and politicians. They are the worst illiterates of all.

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