Wednesday, April 04, 2012

"I can repair bicycles"

 therefor why not dentistry.

Getting to see a dentist on the Labrador coast has long been more that a pain in the teeth. More like neigh on impossible at times.

Years back the LIA [now NG] had a dental technician deal with an aboriginal dental school out west. All the equipment was brought in to Nain, students and instructors would come in and treat patients. It worked out quite well for the patient, so the government pulled the funding.

Then and now a dentist visit to the coast is a rarity, anyone needing to see one has to make an appointment then if you draw the lucky number you get to fly out to Goose Bay.

So why not NG fly in this guy in the video every month. We know wages in Asia are low, airfare to Goose Bay would be cheaper than from Nain to Goose Bay [for the rest of us] and now that NG 51% owns an airline it should be a no brainier.

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