Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Another grand day yesterday, if you discount the winds gusting to 70 with blowing snow that is.

The wind did not stop us taking a walk though; at times Siutik looked like she would have been happy staying at home.

I have mentioned before her dislike for wind. Yesterday walking along open exposed areas she was very out of sorts, going back smelling the wind, looking from side to side, running ahead, almost getting lost to sight in the drifting snow. Not sure if she smelt something or the wind interferes with her senses.

Then soon as sheltered ground came up it was as quite as a church rectory and Siutik was her old self, makes for some interesting photographs.

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Information is that  Nain hunters have scored some caribou. But it has taken several trips of multiple days each. The success was inside Postville, now they have to get back to Hopedale [the point of departure for the hunt] then back to Nain.

Quite the expensive venture for some county food. Don’t see the single income or EI or social service recipient being able to partake.

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Neal Fischer said...

That dog is something else! She is so beautiful. Stunning pictures!