Sunday, April 22, 2012

Served at "Torngats Bistro' last evening. Cans of mushroom + celery soups spiced up with sauteed mushrooms. Multi grain bread with meat ball, mustard mayo, arugula and sauteed mushrooms. Fran had the white bread.

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Friday evening we had a fine meal down at the Atsanik Lodge. Caribou soup followed by fried arctic char and vegetables. There was also blueberry cheese cake on offer, we declined but it must have been good. Noticed others having seconds and even thirds.

It was not our usual quite meal at the inn, very noisy bunch of dinners,  shows not all parents lived my the adage 'it is rude to talk with your mouth full'. But then who am I to complain, I crashed Fran asked for me to be invited, the banquette put on for a bunch of academics and their organizers.

My conscious was reasonably clear, Fran had attended every day and every session and took lots of notes, unlike most other local participants.

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MargaretJ said...

Fine looking supper!