Sunday, April 15, 2012

Good oh caribou burgers

with home fry's, onions and mushrooms-and of course the obligatory [while it last] feta cheese.

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Another fine day yesterday, the final day of the Easter games on the ice. I did not go down, after a short walk in the morning did some work in the house.
Not in the mood really, another tragic demise of a young person.

We could use this satellite technology around here to try locate the caribou. It may not pick up the caribou scat too well, what with them on the move. But perhaps it could tell where the caribou are not, and that would save a lot of people the agro and expense of going off and coming back empty handed.


hopewellwoodwork said...

Don't forget I con get everything down here!
Only problem is the shipping price. But if you're willing I'll send anytime.

Rick Monaghan said...



Rick Monaghan

Sabrina said...

You just made my dinner decision for tomorrow night....nice looking meat cakes. Hope you are well!!

Brian said...

Yes Rick, most people up here reacted favorably to that news. Then with after thought and the fact the minister then did a presser announcing 8 million for SAR [I think it was announced three times previously] they looked harder and started to ask more questions. It is all a big game to protect egos and perceived reputations.

You better fill up on deer meat before heading out Sabrina, if heading this way specially, not much around.
And we are all well, considering.