Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What an awful day out there, light rain and fog.

The social media pages of two of the candidates for president of Nunatsiavut have made for some great reading [and occasional participation] these last seven or eight days. Things really ramped up over the weekend on both.

It highlights the closed shop mentality that NG has become and both candidates promised to open the shop with better communications on how the government operates and how it comes to many of the decisions it makes.

There will be resistance within the secrete society crowd but this is where the constituency will have to step up and support whoever becomes the president.

Aurora spokesperson [AS] responded to NG assertions of playing unfair [I will link when link is up]. AS contradicted NG assertions that the contract was worth a million dollars.
More like two hundred thousand said AS and the difference between the two bids was significant.

Here is the link to AS interview. 

If we only new what is going on behind the scenes the plot could make a good pot boiler.  The AS is a former big Pooh-Bah within LIA and former negotiator on land claims and IBA’s for LIA.

It looked like a relationship heading for consummation. Something must have happened on the way to the consummation bed.


Sabrina said...

Brian, love the new page design, very suiting:)

Also appreciate the details re shipping contract. Tricky business but competition (and low dollar) rules corporations...there are guidelines followed for that process, guess we'll see where it all leads based on pending meetings. Interesting that AS can't even provide breakdown of what was spent of the $25/55M in Labrador in 2008 to Nunatsiavut vs Innu vs non-aboriginal/local business. Accountability to who?? Nobody;) Just an distant observers impression...

Darren Robertson said...

Yes Brian I tried to acquire a copy of the NL freight bid for the north coast. They basically required a book of personal information to even view the official Request For Proposal. Needless to say there was no way I could have returned it back in just a few days. The Department of Transport does not seem to foster a warm smile on competitive bidding from what I experienced.

Brian said...

Woodwardland. In the house today after questioning it was announced that they are looking at 5 vessels for the run. Rumor is that Astron is in need of serious refit.

Darren Robertson said...

Yes. It is quite frustrating. I was just reading the community of Black Tickle was again withering on the vine of Woodward Supplying. The crab plant going under due to horrendous freight costs. It must be so magnanimous to piously carp up to cabal's like this shipping company. Guarding the precious RFP at the cost of other people's suffering. Just brilliant.