Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Word: The mv Sir Robert Bond is 'gearing up' then heading to Lewisport from St.John's. She is to load freight for Natuashish and Nain.

The forecast is for cooler temperatures, hope we don't end up with ice beer. Not that it is funny, far from it.

Should be interesting down the dock when she arrives, the Bond only carries freight in pallets, not in containers, not sure why. People receiving freight will want to get there stuff up out of the cold ASAP one would think.

Word: The Astron is hunkered in among some islands for shelter from the winds.  The red is where she is at. Rigolet is inside to the left.
UPDATED TUESDAY, NOV. 22ND @ 3:15 PM Anchored at Run by Guess due to high winds (35-40 NW).  Will update as soon as winds subside.

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