Thursday, November 10, 2011

Air labradors

newest addition to its Twin Otter fleet had its first rune up the coast yesterday.

Here are some shots of the landing in Nain [CYDP].  I like the tail logo on this one, all the Air Lab twin otter fleet have logos depicting the older Inuit way of life.

Busy day down at the dock too. The Northern Ranger was in on its scheduled weekly run, quite a bit of freight on board. Then the Astron arrived in port about 3 pm.

It has been 12 days since the Astons departure from Lewisport. She has done the run up the coast, back down to Goose Bay and up the coast again. She now heads back to Lewisport with a stop in Black Tickle.
Should be close to the 14 day turn around that the Government said is required in the contract with CAI-Nunatsiavut.

But all is not black and white with these things, diversions for construction equipment; oil delivery, unknowns and weather all play a part in how quickly boats do the run.
But I think it safe to say there was no way that “the Dutch” could do the run in less than three weeks let alone two. 

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MargaretJ said...

Wonderful photos. We're going to have to chip in for a video camera for you.

Brian said...

That sounds like a plan MJ, I have a nice one picked out, 500 should do it.
I should install one of those donate buttons eh?