Saturday, November 12, 2011

Well that November eleven was not much to remember weather wise.

Being inside did give one time to reflect on the many lives sacrificed over the years, and on a personal note I had time to reflect back on many ANZAC days, the big event of remembrance in Australia.

In my pre youth I spent many April twenty fifths being a goffer for my dads friends who usually gathered at our place after the ‘dawn service’. Much drinking, laughter and comradeship while playing two up, with me making a few bob running down the lane to the shops for the odd chips and other requests.

I thought it cool then to have had the opportunity to ‘go to war’ and return. It was a few years later that the reality of what it was all about hit home.

Yesterday’s weather had a similarity to many of the images one sees of those terrible times in two wars. Bleak iron gray sky cast with light drizzle. Snow turned to slush on the roads. Why we even had the sound effects, a large excavator rumbling down the road at two points in the day.
Quite bizarre.

Looks like the iron grayness will continue today with perhaps some clearing tomorrow.

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NealPam said...

Lest we forget.

Really nice tribute to the fallen, and to those still serving.
And a walk down memory lane. Thanks for sharing.

X little sis.