Thursday, November 03, 2011

Nice scene out there this morning, light covering of white, hope it does not melt.

Nice relief too from 4 days or so of repressive gravel dust, it was getting to me by yesterday morning, but with the forecast calling for light snow I did not all on the council to get out the calcium, I am sure others did and rightly so, but why waste calcium.

One passer by asked the question “why did they have to lay fresh gravel so late in the fall”. I figure it was a rhetorical question but I did refer him the town office.  

Nice to see many drivers slow down in conditions like we have had, they are cognizant of the narrow roads, heavy pedestrian traffic and too many vehicles now for those conditions.
Then there are the few rat bags that, if brains were dynamite they would not have enough to blow their nose.  

The Astron was unloaded and gone by 12:30 yesterday.

My face time with the computer monitor is reduced of late. Involuntary it is. Despite assertions to the contrary, when it comes to Christmas shopping for grand and great gran kids, Fran uses the computer quite well indeed. 
Mind you she just picks out the items then leaves a note, or gives me the look, saying these things need ordering. 

And that is fine cause I love ordering stuff on the internet, even put up with the occasional temperamental sight.

Snow is coming down still, caused the planes to divert elsewhere. 


MargaretJ said...

Good for Fran. Is it nosy to ask for you to post sometime how you and Fran met? I mean, you're form Oz and Fran there in Labrador, and there must be a story!

Brian said...

Nice story, maybe some time will.