Monday, November 14, 2011

Not that many days ago the sun rise would be coming up over these hills to the east.

Now we can see the results but not the sun as it is hiding below the hills to the south.

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A tale of two drug busts: One on a rather large scale, the other on a very small scale.

I am not going to advocate drug trafficking, but it does seem the Nain drug bust did not warrant a MSM story, on a weekend.
It is the second bust [of similar size] in Nain in the past few weeks. Many advocate for the legalization of
marijuana, I do not have any problem with legalizing it, though limiting supply to younger people would have to be a priority.

I hear that other more serious drugs are available on the coast, they are the ones that should be targeted. Much more complicated in investigating we are told, and with these smaller busts, If the cops receive 'certain information' I guess they have to follow up.

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Old Brooktrout said...

Methinks the photo of the drugs and the money spread out on the table was a little over the top. That's barely enough to buy groceries at Northern.