Sunday, November 20, 2011

The old body is feeling like a played 4 downs in the CFL playoffs.

Wednesday I took a fall on ice and bruised the left knee, so have been very cognizant of not wanting to fall on it again.

Saturday I was out getting the ski doo going, it was starving for some gas so made several trips in and out of the porch getting things.
On the third trip out I slipped on a small bit of ice on the middle step. Amazing how the mind processes when in stress. My left knee was heading for the ground first [[this is not good], my right shoulder dropped and my body followed, doing a side ways head over heal roll [even though my back is in bad shape] and onto my arse, then up on my feet.

So my back is aching, I pulled my right thigh mussel and the left knee is still tingling.

Planes came in in great numbers yesterday, lot of people to shift and freight to bring in. Nice day though with wind chills from -17 to –14.

Today is about the same, maybe the wind is lighter at moment.

The mv Astron is on route to Black Tickle today. Not sure its routing as the CIA-Nunatsiavut vessel update is not saying as yet.

It has been 18 days since the last freight arrived from Lewisport.

The store shelves are extremely poorly stocked, lots of people not happy, but it must be OK as no one in elected office [except the newly elected Liberal MHA] is saying boo.


MargaretJ said...

Your fall leads to to wonder how far you are from health care. Not sure if you've blogged about that already.

Brian said...

We have a modern structure staffed by 5 or so nurses. Anything that requires a doctor you have to fly to Goose Bay, 11/2 hours.
Periodically doctors come in for a week at a time.

I have written on health some. If you enter LGH or health service into the search at the top left stuff will come up.