Friday, November 18, 2011

I am told that this video will excite more woman into breast cancer testing. I can just take the word.

Well we ended up with a nice bit of snow from yesterdays storm. Some ski doos out and about and the scenery is very pleasant to the eye.

Yesterdays CKOK phone in was a little disappointing from a participation perspective, but technically it went off without a hitch, if you don't count the mike level issues, then those seem endemic in the industry.

Six people took the time to call in, which is sort of understandable given the complexity of the Uranium mining issue. I forced myself to call in, as did Fran speaking in Inuktitut.

Out of the six two were for lifting the moratorium on uranium mining and four were against lifting it. It would seem that those for lifting the moratorium are basing their decision  solely on economics and those against solely for health concerns of people and environment.
Those opinions seem universal in the uranium mining and nuclear use debate.

Now when OK staff go in to work this morning will someone kindly switch the wrap around feed back to CBC North, Fran missed her Inuktitut programing last evening.

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