Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Dave Chaulk of CAI-Nunatsiavut Marine was interviewed by Tony Dawson of CBC Labrador Morning this AM. Topic of course was” the Dutch” and remainder of shipping season.

I will link to the audio when it is available, for now to encapsulate.

If one were to take Mr. Chaulks statements at face value then one would have to conclude that the minister for transports [MFT] interview yesterday could best be described as Terminological Inexactitude.

Couple of reasons for that; MFT was very adamant that all freight had been cleared once the Astron left on its recent trip. Not quite so according to Mr. Chaulk.

MFT clearly stated that CAI-Nunatsiavut had brought out Great lakes Feeder Lines.

Not so according to Mr. Chaulk. CAI did ‘charter’ the Dutch Runner for an undetermined time to help GLFL out of a financial hole.

It was also stated by Mr. Chaulk that GLFL was in financial difficulties from day one of talks to use ‘the Dutch’ for the contract.
This goes to the area of governments due diligence, or lack there of, prior to the season.

MFT fuzzed the water by saying that there were 4 contracts let, the impression I got was that CAI-Nunatsiavut had all four. Maybe in the ins and outs CAI may be on the hook financially, but initially GLFL was the holder of the contract.

Not so according to Mr. Chaulk. GLFL had the contract to supply the vessel; the other 3 contracts were for ground support and crew for operating the Northern Ranger and the Sir Robert Bond.

So listen to the two interviews and you be the judge. Alas there is still much we don’t know.

At a public meeting here in Nain a couple of years ago I said to the present MFT that 3p’s [public private partnerships] usually do not work, at least for the public. I added that the government should be running the shipping as it is an extension of the public transport system, and that we needed a new freight vessel like yesterday.

MFT paid me short shift and no one else followed up on my argument. So there ya go.

As promised here is the CBC audio of Dave Chaulk interview.For perspective here is the minister for transports interview from yesterday also.

The Aston is at the dock this morning. There is just NO comparison with the speeds that she unloads compared to "the Dutch', no comparison at all.

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