Thursday, November 24, 2011

Well if ya wana listen to a bloke who can talk the legs off a wood stove while saying absolutely sweet bugger all then have a listen to Minister [verbal diarrhea] Heddersonon on CBC Labrador Morning. 

Dave Chaulk of CAI-Nunatsiavut comes on after Hedderson. He seems to make a little more sense out of the shipping debacle, but there are still many unknown unknowns.

What we do know from Henderson’s spiel is that no mention was made that the Bond had been inspected and turned down by Transport Canada, so back to work to try fixing the problems.

Hedderson makes out like it is all TC and today’s snow fall that is holding things up, to quote Hedderson old boss, “nuting could be furder from da trut”.

Ana nuver fing, both interviewees mention  ad nauseum the term "freight will be delivered on time". 

What the hell does this mean?  Does it mean in there minds that freight that has been UNDELIVERED for one, two, three months gets delivered in the next week or so is all of a sudden ON TIME.

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