Thursday, November 24, 2011

Finement quelques fromages différents.

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After waiting through the spring, into the summer and then the fall one of the stores has something other than the bland mild cheddar and sliced processed cheese.

This may not seem exciting to southern folks but for those in the north, well my taste buds are salivating.

BigLand had four different cheeses come in, the camembert and the blue were ordered but not shipped, perhaps next time.

I do not know how the prices stack up but what the heck. Add these to what I already ordered from Hickory Farms and the nice Quebec soft ripened one that was given me I am all cheesed up for the short term.

Another tasty morsel were the calamari I cooked up the other night.

The light beer batter made them crunchy outside with the distinct taste of squid inside.


Shammickite said...

The bread is french loaf... the top is supposed to be brushed with egg white to make it shiny but the egg broke and that's what the yellow is on top. But it tasted really good. I cheat a bit, I make the dough in the bread machine then bake it in the oven.

Shammickite said...

You're going to enjoy those cheeses. Especially the double brie and the gouda.