Monday, November 21, 2011

Nice cooler weekend, in the –high single digits with wind chill in the high teens. Winter is well on the way.

To keep with the shipping issue: the CIA-Nunatsiavut shipping update is now showing the Astron not coming to Nain this trip. She is scheduled to go to Hopedale then do ports south of there.
It has been 20 days since any freight from Lewisport, by the time she gets loaded again and back who knows how many days will have passed. That would break the record for sure.

Added to the woes CBC is reporting that the Aston is now heading for Makkovik instead of Hopedale due to weather.

We are certainly fast reversing into days gone by.

From the "whose on third" shipping news. 

MV ASTRON (Freight Only)

Monday, November 21st
Due to high winds, the Astron will not be going to Makkovik.  Will divert to Rigolet.  ETA 2:00 pm

Next ports of call: Rigolet


Shammickite said...

Seems like you're already in winder mode. How long before the ice prevents any more deliveries by water?

Brian said...

One cant tell these days, sea ice usually forms mid to late December.
But the cooler temperature are a worry when shipping items that may freeze, pop, BEER, and other items that can be damaged by freezing.

Shammickite said...

hmmm.. frozen beer, not good.

mealyman said...

in the name of all that is holy SAVE THE BEER !!!