Saturday, November 05, 2011

Fried bologna

is very popular these parts. I put my own spin on this dish, with peas, garlic mushrooms and potato scallops [thin slices of potato deep fried in beer batter].

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Busy day at the airstrip yesterday, catch up from day before plus scheduled traffic.

This is a reminder of happier days in the marine shipping department. Happier days in the mind of government officials, not in reality, due diligence has been removed from these yobbos lexicon for some time.

The final stage of our new dam and water supply is on hold. The money to finish what has been an on going project for two years has not materialized. So no pumping station and reservoirs built this year.

The material and work force is here but no start to date on the upgrading on the ditching of the new road as yet.
One will remember the chaos caused during the spring run off last year. I sure hope we don't have to go through that again.


Sabrina said...

We had fried Kam the other night here...with baked beans, a quick but yummy meal. Hope you don't have another poor spring, last year should have made some big lessons learned for council....fingers crossed!

Brian said...

Fried Kam is nice too occasionally, pork luncheon meat also.
I think the council may have learnt lessons, not so the folk at NL government, that is still where all the power and say is.
This self government shtick is an embarrassment.