Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cooling down day by day, we missed the snow falls that towns south of here received yesterday. The downer for us was that Cater and his parents were unable to get out of Hopedale as planned, we were looking forward to a brief huge as they passed through Nain on way home.

Another two caribou we wish moose were taken these past days. Not far from town too, that leaves just three more animals left on the 6 animal quota for the next 11 months.

The towns Christmas tree was lit up on Sunday night. We did not go to the ceremony, but I know it must have happened as the lights were on yesterday.

I was hopping to report all positive news on marine shipping, alas the trials and tribulations with marine shipping do not abate. The Astron is due this morning from Goose Bay.

All the fright left in Lewisport destined to Nain and Natuashish is loaded aboard the Sir Robert Bond, alas she has not left the dock. 

MV Sir Robert Bond (Freight Only)
 Monday, Nov. 28th
Finished loading 5:30 pm.  Currently on mechanical hold in Lewisporte.  ETD to be advised.
Next ports of call:  Nain, Natuashish

All that rush of empty rhetoric by the minister of transport is put in it's true perspective, stuff about the boat is ready and the Feds Dept of Transport was holding things up.  

There seems to be another brouhaha brewing due to incompetence within the Provincial Government with the folks in Nunatsiavut the victims. I need to garner more information but it is all a-chatter on facebook and was mentioned on CKOK..

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