Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Yesterday the fog started to lift around mid day, planes started coming in at regular intervals well into the evening.

Today it is still down going on for 11:30. Light drizzle accompanies the fog.

The photograph about sums up the scene in and the attitude in the whole town. Sleepy mauzy quite, except for construction machines and trucks.

On the shipping front: The mv Astron is slow getting here, latest ETA is 3 pm today.

"The Dutch" has left Lewisport on way north.

On the fish plant front: Good news is that the catches of char have picked up over last week or so, the char fishery closes this saturday. There are enough orders for smoked char to keep things going for a bit.

The bad news is that there will be no scallop fishery again this year. Not only is this bad for plant workers but also for the local and regional scallop lovers. I don't see me paying something like 45 bucks a kilo for scallops brought in from outside, though many do.

Weather and other updates: The fog became thicker and lower as the day progressed. No transport getting in including the Astron that had an ETA of 3 that is now 8.


rabbitpie256 said...

you will have to get a scuba licence and get your own scallops!

Brian said...

The preferred way here is dragging. There is a rig for smaller boats [speed boats] but only a couple have tried that method.
Besides my ethos is for everybody to benefit not just myself.