Monday, August 15, 2011

Blinded by the light as I pulled back the drapes this morning. It has been some time seeing the sun like this, can do with more OK up there.

Noah has progressed further north on his kayak adventure. He looks to be at the north east end of Snyder Bay. In the recent past this bay has been the source of some of the soapstone that the carvers/artists use for carvings.

Weekend weather played havoc with flights to and from the Torngat park. Saturday only two of seven scheduled flights got to Saglek. One flight with jounalists get within several hundred vertical feet of Nain, circled but had to return to Goose Bay.

Sunday saw an increased in flights, while the weather cleared here it was very iffy for awhile further north. The journalist express made it this time.
The premier is scheduled to go up there today or tomorrow.

The liberal party of N@L has a new leader this morning. Kevin Aylward is a past MHA and cabinet minister in the former Liberal regime.
Being non partisan I have no real strong opinions on his selection. Just wish him the best sorting out the party problems. We sure need a change in politics in this province. Funny I said said that when the Liberals were in power last time and we ended up with Danny boy.

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Shammickite said...

Bon Voyage to Noah! How does he find his way through all those islands? Incredible journey. I hope the recent fog hasn't been hampering his progress. Good to know you have sunshine in Nain today, enjoy it while you can.
Twins are just over a week old now.... it's quite deafening when the twins and the two yr old are all crying at once!!!