Saturday, August 13, 2011

We hit the hills fog or no fog checking out the berries yesterday. Too early for blue and red but wanted to see how things are progressing. Not very good would be best guess.

Apiks [bakeapples] are coming along, many have been picked already, way too soon for Frans liking.

The mv Abigale Grace was in port for short time. She is loaded with Turbot taken from the north Labrador sea for processing on the Island of Newfoundland.

No need to mention that we have fog and drizzle again. Very calm too, this will put the cat amongst the pigeons with logistics getting to and from the Torngat park.

Not good for our intake of vitamins and minerals either as the fresh vegetable shelves are all but empty.

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MargaretJ said...


Do you have "teaberries" there? They are small white berries that grow very close to the ground and taste like wintergreen mint.