Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Three Inuit beauties and buddy whats her name.

As luck had it on Monday two of Frans sisters [who live in Hopedale] arrived in Nain on different airplanes.
Further luck was that we were at the strip. Both sisters were only passing through.

Fran got right excited and asked some friends to take a photo of the three.
Of course with politicians being in the vicinity and cameras around things got out of hand.

All in all good fun for the girls.

Photo at left by Jonathan Hopewell of MA USA

Had smoked char from the local plant last evening.

Heated it a bit wrapped in foil in the oven. Served with three root vegetable mash, two greens and hollandaise sauce.

Photo in honor of three recent visitors who experienced for the first time char both fresh and smoked, home cooked and over an open fire in the grandeur of Ramah Bay.

Dian, Harold and Jonathan.


MargaretJ said...

Holy cow, that looks good!

Brian said...

Top or bottom, careful how you answer eh.

Shammickite said...

All those beautiful ladies! No wonder the press went wild with their cameras, snapping away.
Smoked char, never had it but I bet it was tasty. It looks bloomin' marvellous!

Brian said...

The mind is not so off after all eh Shamm?

Michele Wood said...

Brian your char photos are making my stomach roar, might have to bake some trout and do the three root vegetable mash tonight myself. YUM!

hopewellwoodwork said...

My, that looks mighty good Brian.
Got those char sticks home still frozen solid. My wife was just as thrilled to see them as to see me!
Glad Fran's photos with the ladies were shared.

Brian said...

I was hoping you would not mind me sharing the photo JH, and happy all went well with the frozen fish, should be all but consumed by now I guess.

hopewellwoodwork said...

You can share any of them!
We only had 1 of 4 so far.
Last one will be Christmas.

Shoot, I guess I'll have to come back up for some more.
Bummer! :-)))