Friday, August 12, 2011

Yep, seems to be a pattern setting in. Fog in morning, it may or may not clear about noon. If it does clear planes come in [not freight] before the fog and cloud make it unsafe after supper time.

Not looking too good in the forecast either.

Hope the folks up in Torngat area are fairing better, be a bummer for those who have paid and can’t get to see the grandeur of the place.

Noah Nochasak is on another adventure, this time heading up towards the Torngats in a new hand made kayak.

As of yesterday he was here. He is in open water now for a bit, wish him light winds and calm seas.


Shammickite said...

Thanks for posting that map link, now I can visualise exactly where you are in Nain and just how far Noah has travelled so far. I wish his light winds and calm seas indeed. Does he take all his food with him in the kayak or are there places he can stop and get supplies?

Brian said...

No shops north of hear. If they put some caches down ahead of time there would be something. Most likely have it all with him plus whatever he hunts/fishes. Or perhaps some one will be checking on him by speed boat.