Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Fog this morning, took it’s time lifting. Lifted in time for “the Dutch” to crawl out of what was left. Took here 54 hours to come from Lewisport, seems kind of slow in these sea conditions.

It is a day short of four weeks since the previous departure out of Lewisport, and what does she have on board for the community stores? SFA is what.

Lots of construction material as I predicted some trucks, an old trap boat, some freezer reefers. But the local store operators are saying there is nothing on there for them.

One would have to go back many many decades to see a worse freight service to the coast. Now the word is that the mv Astron is being brought back to the service to play catch up with the freight that has been left behind and freight that is expected in the near future.

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