Thursday, August 18, 2011

More things to do with smoked char. I knocked up some quick bagels, some cream cheese and green oinions, bobs ya uncle.

Bagels were made from ordinary multi grain bread dough. For that true Montreal bagel taste it would be better to make them spacific.

I also cleaned up my desk top, these pictures of Carter finely came off, but are stored in safe place.

Noah is up in Okak Bay now, not sure how far he intends to go but that area has fond memories for me sure. So bueatifull and almost untouched [to date].


Anonymous said...

Does that beautiful boy ever stop smileing?? He is growing up so fast. My own grand-daughters grow an inch every time I look at them!
Lynne in St. Catharines

Brian said...

He does smile a lot, brought up with cameras and computers and I pads in his face, but he does have his moments like all children.

MargaretJ said...

What I'd give to get my hands on some arctic char in Boston!