Friday, August 05, 2011

Balmy oh night, still +13 this morning.

Clouding over with forecast of showers for a few days, but at these temps who can complain. Well some who are expecting to fly I suppose, but with luck all will be well.

Had a spot of sea food last evening. Some local smoked char with flat breads and home made whipped cream cheese with chives and chopped dry tomato

This was followed by cods tongues, cod cheeks and scallops with a nice simple salad. A good sign was-no leftovers.

Unfortunately theses were not local products, cod fished out decades ago and the scallops are a plenty out in the bays but no one to drag for them at moment.


MargaretJ said...

Holy cow....or char...what a feast!

Tom said...

Yummy !!