Monday, August 08, 2011

I laugh in your face and dance on your thickness oh fog.

Fogged in this morning, yesterday morning too but it then cleared to a muggy balmy day with temps up to 21.

On the whole the days that are flying days up to the Torngat Park have been weather cooperative.

People, supplies, general freight and refuse brought out on Saturdays sees anything from 7 to 11 flights at the Nain strip. Two planes do a shuttle from GB to Nain and Nain to Saglek.

There are some flights during the week too, need dependent.

From observations there are a goodly number of people going into the base camp at the park. Smaller numbers are going into the park and not staying at the base camp.

There are also several groups of tourists that are going north but are not going into the park at all.

Of the large number who are going into the base camp I wonder how many are non revenue?


Anonymous said...

What are you asking exactly of the travel to saglek aka basecamp region?? Seems like any business is good business no...even if most supplies from GB;)

Brian said...

I am not privy to the business model, but was wondering what percentage of ‘clients’ are generating revenue and what percentage is not generating revenue.
T o expand on that; what percentage is generated from the private traveler [private sector] and what percentage is generated from government to government, department to department [public sector].
And what percentage are on the oh boondoggle trip?

Anonymous said...

me thinks that would be some very interesting stats indeed...not that anyone should really be asking much going to where would also be relevant (e.g. Nain based business vs others with priority - GB, PQ, ON, based business/associations). Access to public info request I guess?!